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What is an Intelligent Guest Room?

Provides its guest comfort, security, energy efficiency (low operating costs) and convenience at all times, anywhere at guest room.

It encompasses lighting, heating, air conditioning, entertainment, security, camera, and network.

Save energy, stop standby consumption

Allow the hotel operators to save money and even save the environment. It also use an automation system to switch off equipment and lights that are turned on and drawing some power. It also manages the temperatures depending on time and season. Hotel operators can save 25-40% on guest room electricity or utility cost.

Increases room levels due to level of intelligence in the room such as when the guest enters for the “Welcome” scene is activated: Lights go on, music plays, drapes open, and the TV displays a personalize greeting with the hotel’s signature dish advertise. This will provide a lasting impression on guest and improve the branding of the hotel.

Provide Convenience

Simplifies controls rather than having multiple controls into one Access controls anywhere from switch or mobile Set scenes to encourage moods and even provide background music.

Improve Revenue

With increasing competition and guest looking for more value, intelligent rooms provide a higher level of value to the guest to help them choose the hotel room with intelligence vs others who don’t have any.

Provide Fun

Managing lighting and entertainment will provide new levels of enjoyment. When it comes to impressing your guest, they will be happy to use the features of the smart room.