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With SmartPanel+ - an intelligent multimedia wireless panel - hotel guests will experience a whole new level of wireless connectivity during their stay. When viewing content on their mobile devices via the hotel wifi, the panel allows them to wirelessly stream their mobile content (e.g. videos, music and pictures), or mirror their mobile display to the TV in their room. Business travellers will also benefit from the seamless wireless connectivity between their laptops and the room TV.

smartpanel+, smartpanel plus

Seamless Management & Maintenance

  • Central access to each SmartPanel+ via a secure CMS (Content Management System) will enable hotel IT staff to easily manage the password and login for each room upon guest check-in and check-out.
  • Users’ data security is fully protected with a separate login and password for each panel. This prevents accidental sharing of content with adjacent rooms.
  • The SmartPanel+ is also interfaced with the hotel PMS (Property Management System) to identify the room number and name of guest occupying it at any point in time.
  • Customized user interface - such as the hotel logo, personalized background and welcome message on top of complementary third party applications - allow hotels to further personalise the experience for their guests.

User-friendly, Secure & Intuitive

  • Designed to be user-friendly and secure, the SmartPanel+ allows hotel guests to wirelessly connect and stream/mirror the display of any iOS, Android or Windows (8.1 and up) device to their room TV.
  • Users don’t have to worry about their data security and privacy as the panel has been designed to prevent unauthorized connection or content sharing by other users.
  • For added user convenience, the SmartPanel+ also includes a multilingual interface that changes automatically upon check-in or at the touch of a button in the room.