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Hospitality Network Solution

Our solution helps you innovate your hotel with our smart network. Our Hospitality Solution features ubiquitous Wi-Fi, robust reliability, AI optimization and unified management to transform your hotel into a competitive hotel with excellent guest experience at an affordable price.

Solution Highlights

  • Unified & centralized management (SNC)
  • Proactive SMS/Email Alert (SNC)
  • Exclusive PPSK authentication for staff
  • Patented NFPP technology for automatic attack isolation
  • Integrated Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) feature
  • Adopted by 5,000+ large & medium sized
  • Hospitality users
  • X-sense zero dead zone coverage
  • Pre-ax interference resistance technology
  • Visualized WiFi experience (WIS)
  • One-click optimization (WIS)
  • Mobile app for troubleshooting (WIS)
  • FREE AI-based Wireless Intelligent Service (WIS)
  • Out-of-box advanced enterprise feature included
  • AI-based Wireless Optimization
  • Patented Smart Antenna – X-sense
  • VSU Switching Virtualization
  • SNC Unified Management

Our Architecture

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