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Customized TV Interface

MeshTV brings entertainment and functionality to the guest’s fingertips. Crystal clear reception over low bandwidth. Provides access to hotel services like dining, concierge, and facilities inside your room. It can make any TV smart as long as it has an HDMI port, any TV can do whatever a regular smart TV can do.

Digital Signage

The same IPTV system can also be deployed to provide Digital Signage features to the property. By using the same equipment, the hotel enjoys significant cost savings and efficiency.

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Live TV Integration

Interface with live TV channels from any source, whether Cable, Satellite, Free-to-Air or a combination of all. TV channels can be organized based on language, genre, or other criteria to make it easier for guests to view all channels and search for their desired one. For a more personalized experience, TV channels can also be automatically organized based on customer preferences.

Next Generation H.265 Encoding

We utilize the most advanced video coding technology (H.265 or High-Efficiency Video Coding) to produce video streams that are 100% more efficient than the current H.264, and 200% more efficient than MPEG-2. This delivers bandwidth savings without affecting the video quality, so clients can utilize the same network for their guests without affecting Internet speeds. Our system is capable of handling 4K video streams without requiring further network investment.

Video on Demand

Guests can buy the latest blockbuster movies in HD and Dolby Surround sound quality, and watch them with interactive controls like a standard DVD/Bluray player.

Telecom Interface

Providing a seamless interface with our Cricket PABX, pop-up displays on the TV will show the Caller ID and number when there is an incoming call. Guest can record or pause the live TV to answer the call and resume watching thereafter.


Operators can view the status of orders, sales, performance, revenue issues, and other items via a real-time web dashboard. Different operators can get customized views depending on their security credentials and drill down further for more details or print if required.


Guests can request amenities and concierge services via the intuitive and easy-to-use TV interface, which allows them to also book services and receive message updates on their bookings. An optional automated job dispatch system can be provided for requests to be tracked and routed to the appropriate agents/departments.

In-room Dining

Guests will be able to easily navigate the well-designed and informative menu to order food and beverages on the TV, which they can view in their preferred language. They will also be able to view their selection before confirming the order.

TV Messaging

Operators and Service Agents will be able to send messages to the guest’s TV, eliminating the need to call the guest or provide traditional paper notices. An alert will pop up on the screen to notify the guest about unread messages. Operators will be alerted when the guest has read the message, and can also send emergency broadcast messages that will override regular TV programming.

Express Checkout

Guests can retrieve their bills and view all itemised charges, as well as check out via IPTV, request an e-copy of the bill or request to print it remotely.

AirMedia ™

Guests can stream music, videos, and pictures from their own mobile or tablet wirelessly to the in-room TV from any iOS, Android, or Windows 8.1 (and above) device. Typing in the password secures their connection so that they don’t send their content to the wrong TV. The mirror function allows guests to wirelessly mirror their own screen to the hotel TV.

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