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Corded Master & Cordless Slave

▪ SET of 2 phones to be used together, cannot be used alone: Master Unit is Single Line Analog Corded, Slave Unit is Single Line Analog
▪ Dual Full Speakerphone: High quality noise cancelling speakerphones on base and handset
▪ Dynamic Transmit Power: Handset transmits power which adapts to the distance between handset and base, helping to extended battery life between charges
▪ Multiple Remote Handset Support: Base can support up to 4 remote cordless handsets
▪ Automatic Handset Synchronization: Handset automatically synchronize by being placed onto base charge cradle unit

* For more information, you may view the datasheet below or contact us for inquiries.



▪ Color: Black
▪ Dimensions: Corded Base: L198 x W138 x H88 mm
▪ Dimensions: Cordless Slave: L195 x W95 x H65 mm
▪ Line Cord: 2.0m / 6.56ft
▪ Message Waiting: Compatible with all major hospitality PABXs
▪ Cordless Handset Range: Indoor 50m/Outdoor 300m (varies due to environmental factors)
▪ Flash Time: 100ms, 300ms, 600ms optional, Standard 600ms
▪ ISO9001, FCC Part 15 and Part 68, CE, CCC
▪ Carton Dimensions: Corded Master: L43 x W37 x H23 cm
▪ Package (set/carton): Corded Master: 10sets/carton
▪ Carton Dimensions: Cordless Slave: L53 x W38 x H30 cm
▪ Package (set/carton): Cordless Slave: 20sets/carton
* The stated information/specifications are subject to change without notice.


SS-Jacob Jensen HT60D COMBO (1Line)_Black


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