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Neo with Flat Handset

▪ Single Line Analog Cordless Speakerphone
▪ Dual Full Duplex Speakerphones: High quality noise cancelling speakerphones on both base and handset
▪ Up to 10 programmable speed dial keys & 1 MWL Button on Base, Up to 3 programmable speed dial keys on Cordless Handset
▪ Mute, Hold, Vol+/Vol-, Flash, Redial/Pg, Spkr functions
▪ Redials last number dialed. Dialed number disappears within 5 minutes for guest privacy.

* For more information, you may view the datasheet below or contact us for inquiries.



▪ Color: Black body paired with options of Black, Ash, Red, Orange and Silver colored handset
▪ Ash body paired with options of Black, Ash, Red, Orange and Silver colored handset (MOQ of 200 units per order for ASH Color)
▪ Dimensions: L204 x W110 x H101 mm
▪ Line Cord: 2.0m / 6.56ft
▪ Flash Time: 100ms, 300ms, 600ms optional, Standard 600ms
▪ Message Waiting: Compatible with all major hospitality PABXs, Standard 9-~150V DC
▪ ADA Compliant Volume Control
▪ Power Adapter: 7.5V 3A, Working Voltage: 24V~60V
▪ Modulation Method: GFSK
▪ Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS)
▪ Out Power: 20dBm, can be adjustable, 20dBm = 100mW, 10dBm = 10mW
▪ Frequency Range: 1902.528MHz~1905.98MHz
▪ Cordless Handset Range: 100m/300m (varies due to environmental factors)
▪ RF Channel: Channel 0 – 1905.984MHz, Channel 1 – 1904.256MHz, Channel 2 – 1902.5528MHz
▪ ISO9001, FCC Part 15 and Part 68, CE, CCC
▪ Carton Dimensions: L50 x W42.5 x H31 cm
▪ Package (set/carton): 12sets/carton
* The stated information/specifications are subject to change without notice


SS-HWD62TSD NEO (Black&AshMOQ200) – HS Cols


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